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Monterey Bay Golf Academy

Pragmatic. Enthusiastic. Authentic.

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Kari W.

"Brad can take a beginning golfer and get them to the point where they feel comfortable enough to go out and play golf with seasoned golfers."

Tracey Z.

"Brad is a great instructor, very reasonably priced, professional and effective. Did I mention funny?! He has our stamp of approval for any beginning golfers (male or female) who want to build confidence, learn of the game of golf and have fun on the golf course!"

Joe S.

"I was a beginning golfer and needed a lot of help and Brad helped me a lot. He was fun and made learning easy. I enjoyed lessons so much that I signed up for his group classes to continue my journey with golf."

About Us

Our mission of the Monterey Bay Golf Academy is to provide students of all levels and ages with an exceptional learning experience aimed at lowering your scores, improving your ball flight, and gaining a firm understanding of how to enjoy the game of golf to your fullest potential.