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Pragmatic. Enthusiastic. Authentic.

Hey Brad,

I just wanted to tell you I played in a stroke tournament at the Olympic Club. It was a 3-way tie for 2nd. I lost when they went to the scorecard and picked a hole. The greens were running at 11. Sat I played great with a net 73 and Sunday I had a net 76. The two guys I was paired with had ” The round of their lives “ Net 66 and net 68. Tell me how does a 20 handicap shoot a net 66.

I just wanted to thank you for all of the great instruction you gave me. I played the game I was given on Sat. a straight ball and the fade, which I played on Sun. My chipping and sand play were great as well. All in all I played good golf and left the tournament very proud of what I had done.

At least I could go to sleep with a clear head. Since then I remember you had told me to be able to play with my left side. Well I started with throwing clubs with my left hand only, I’m glad I live on acreage because they were flying everywhere. I am now under control and what a difference it has made to my ball striking. I can feel my left hip start the swing and clear while my left shoulder stays square at impact.

Thanks again for the great help I will be in touch for a follow up lesson.

– Joe

Hi Brad

George Baars here. After our last lesson on the afternoon of the 3rd I really picked up on some great tips from you. Even though I was not really showing it that day. On our way out of town Tuesday we stopped at the Blackhorse course where I really applied some of the stuff I learned. It was actually a pretty decent day.

The real kicker was just this last Sunday at a local 9-hole course. I applied the stuff you taught me and had some of the best shots I have ever had. I concentrated on keeping the right elbow straight as I came down through the ball and really concentrated on rotating around to get the weight forward almost stepping right through it. Best of all I have slowed down the swing keeping the one-two thing in mind and have hit farther and straighter than ever.

Thanks again,

– George Baars


I had a chance to play on Saturday and was delighted to have to confirm a lower then average score when posting my score. I wasn’t please with a 4 putt on a par 3, I did hit the green, and 2 balls in the water on another hole. I’m sure that a little more concentration will fix those problems.

I don’t know if it was just because I was so psyched but it seemed to me I was getting a little extra distance on my shots with the shorter swing. I can’t tell you how good it felt to drop a wedge shot on the green from a 130 yards. Follow through is my swing thought now.

It was great spending the time with you and Robert. Thank You for helping me with my game.

– Jim Pluta

Brad –

Thank you so much for what you have done to my golf game! I cannot thank you enough. Through my private lessons I can now enjoy a round of golf and feel myself improving with each day. Your instruction techniques are so easy to understand and it was a pleasure to learn from you. Thanks for giving me the love of the game!


– Colton